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Feeling directionless and overwhelmed tracking all of your marketing channels?

Get clear & get strategic about your digital marketing initiatives with our Consulting services.

Our Credentials

Experienced Digital Marketing Strategists

Have business goals but aren’t sure how your digital marketing channels are making those goals come true?

Need to get clear about direction & quickest ROI opportunities?

You’ve come to the right place.

Get certified digital marketing consulting to get clear about how your digital marketing efforts are playing into your business goals, and how to determine success or failure of each of those efforts.

Common Consulting Questions & Concerns

Here’s a high-level step-by-step process of our approach:

  • Market Research – Customers, competitors & company positioning
  • Comprehensive audits of relevant marketing channels
  • 6 Month Campaign Breakdown – outlining elements for each month, starting with highest ROI initiatives.
  • A shared project management dashboard to stay on top of action items and deliverable work.
  • Regular Strategy Calls – either every 2 or 4 weeks. Regular check-ins to ensure the strategy is being executed and staying ahead of roadblocks.
  • Ongoing support & consulting – Teaching you everything we know from dozens of certifications & years of hands-on experience

A couple areas of expertise:

  • Analytics & Reporting – What is working and what isn’t, coming up with KPI’s to determine winning and losing channels, recommendations and ongoing insights from those KPI’s.
  • Website updates – where are we losing users, how can we convert more users, new page build-outs, technical health optimizations, blog strategies
  • SEO strategies and training – What are the quickest ROI SEO opportunities on our site? What should we do, how should we do it, and what order should we do it in.
  • Email Marketing – better tracking of email marketing performance, and recommendations on how to improve performance.
  • Digital Advertising – How are our campaigns currently performing? Are they driving ROI or not? How can we drive more leads & ensure that we’re properly tracking & optimizing our advertising on a regular basis?
  • Social Media tracking & optimization – what is and isn’t working, how can we learn from what is working and build on that moving forward?

All of our agreements for all of our services are month-to-month. We are confident in what we provide. While we want to build long-term partnerships where everyone is making more money, if something changes or you want to pause that’s totally fine, we understand.

Consulting is a great fit for you if you have manpower & time to seriously devote to your digital marketing.

If you are struggling to find employees/time to put toward your digital marketing, then you’re likely not a great fit for consulting, we have other packages where we can handle more deliverables, feel free to check out our other service pages.

This all depends on how quickly you can implement the changes that we are requesting. While we will take the time to understand your brand and how to best convey it, as well as help streamline bottlenecks, if your team requires 5 people to approve every change you make, then your results are going to suffer (regardless of what type of digital marketing you’re doing).

In general though, you can expect results within the first 3 – 6 months.

“So happy I found LRoss Marketing Consulting, this is a great firm that knows digital marketing and how to make it fit within your brand and overall marketing strategy.”

Alex Oesterle

Owner – Blue Bear Creative – Social Media

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