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With advanced tracking, clear reporting, and data-driven insights.

Our Credentials

Certified, Data & Analytics Nerds

Do you have a lot of marketing channels, and not sure what’s working or even how to determine what data to focus on? Do you have a suspicion that not enough of your website traffic is buying your product or reaching out?

That’s Where We Come In.

We take time in our initial audit & strategy to get a full grasp of your business goals, your marketing channels, and all the data you have available. Then come up with clear KPI’s for each channel to determine their effectiveness.

We will also consult on how to interpret the analytics to create business-transforming insights, and ensure all of your marketing dollars are being spent efficiently.

“LRoss Marketing Consulting was huge in helping us organize & make sense of our digital analytics. He helped us determine which numbers to focus on, how to find more insights from them, and how to determine whether we’re trending in the right direction or not. I would highly recommend him to any business looking to be more data-driven.”

Maddie Simonds

Marketing Manager – Sunset Transportation 

Our Analytics Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

You’ll hear stories about how changing the color of a button on your site will increase clicks. This is an example of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization ( or CRO) is the process of blending analytics, and consumer psychology to increase the % of people who are purchasing or filling out a form on your site.

Comprehensive Reporting & Consulting

Looking for a slick, easy-to-understand dashboard to see the full scope of all of your marketing in one place? Would you also like consulting around how to pinpoint insights and make more data-driven decisions?

This service is for you.

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