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Are you looking for an easy-to-understand report to get a birds eye view of your digital marketing health?

Looking for a partner to dig through your metrics and help you determine which metrics actually matter?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been working in reporting & analytics for years now and cover everything from how many impressions your FB ads are getting to the customer lifetime value of your customers by marketing channel.

Get a grasp on what’s working, what isn’t, and what to do next with a custom dashboard created uniquely for your business.

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Driving Leads For A New Dental Practice

Filling The Gaps A Holistic Dentistry Case Study 5 + Keywords At #1 in Google 76% Of Web Leads From Google Background Industry Problems Solutions Customer Research SEO Advanced Analytics & Tracking Drive Leads Not Traffic

Helping Those Who Help Others

Helping Those Who Help Others Background Industry Problems Solutions Advanced Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization SEO Google Advertising Drive Leads Not Traffic “The LRoss Marketing team has been huge in helping us drive consistent leads from our website. Through best …

“LRMC takes the time to get to know your business needs. They establish KPI’s alongside your team and consult with you on how to track those KPI’s to ensure your digital marketing’s on the right track.”

Randall Hartman

Founder – Groundwrk Web Design Services Denver

Reporting FAQs

The key is to discover 3 – 5 metrics to focus on for each marketing channel, that way you can easily track progress (or lack thereof).

There are 3 major factors to picking these metrics (or KPI’s)

  1. What are your overall business goals?
  2. What is a realistic expectation of that marketing channel
    • Based on previous performance & industry benchmarks
  3. What are you expecting from this channel? How does this channel play into your other channels & larger marketing strategy?

As far as determining which KPI’s are important for each channel, we can help with that. We’ll work alongside you to come up with those KPI’s, based on the three elements above.

Google ads can show up all over the internet, but the most popular place you’ll see them is in the top of Google search pages.

Once we nail down your KPI’s for each channel, then we allow that data to track for 1 – 3 months after that period of time we compare those metrics to industry benchmarks, and to previous performance and discover the biggest opportunities accordingly.

All of our reports include consulting so we will train your team to look at a report and find the quickest ROI-driving insights.

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